this makes me happy

If you haven’t seen this video, please do.
Made by a young man from America, who learned from the Australians about the importance and joy in world travel….he had a great idea and shared it. Watch, it’ll make ya cry and laugh, and just be happy to be human.


the stuff that dreams are made of

wow! Thank you so much for everyone’s kind, and real endorsement of my dream career. If you all can imagine it from my description, maybe it can become real….like the velveteen rabbit….

The last post was sort of a stream of consciousness description of how I want my days to be.

I debated about writing this post, wasn’t sure if I should just let things stand, didn’t want to dissapoint, however my desire to be truthful won out.

Now, what I’d like to ask is…….if you read the last post, do you have any advice? Any ideas, concrete direction… you know someone who has a similar business… did they do it? Know of any good books to read about business plans, dreaming, recycled toilet paper rolls?….had to throw that in. …..

Hope all of you are well, and thank you!!!

p.s. I have a wonderfully generous and kind-hearted husband, a spirited, beautiful child and a loving, funny family….and great friends!..I’m RICH!

arty farty dreams

I wake up, no where to rush off to first thing in the morning.

Make breakfast for my child and I….something healthy.

look at the calendar….classes start at noon.

watercolor, quilting, embroidery, polymer clay, rughooking……….

answer emails and phone calls, about my creative art expression classes for both children and adults.

Head to the library……pick up some books about painting and polymer clay.

My son comes with me to work everyday, we hang out, talk, laugh, make art with people, listen to music.

Friends come to teach more art classes, it’s like a party.

It’s sunny, big picture windows let the sunshine stream through the windows, fresh flowers on the counter, children’s artwork hangs on the wall.

art books line the wall, a library to fuel our imaginations, the floor, polka dotted with bright cheery paint. 

Adults laugh, talk about life, their worries melt away while they endeavor to create, bringing forth bits of their souls.

children, giggle to discover how good it feels to use lime green paint on large  crisp sheets of paper, with big handled brushes.

We recycle, and find all kinds of uses for toilet paper rolls.

I love this, it feels like play, I pay my bills, our needs are met.

science fiction thriller

 the leaves are bigger than my head……this one really was trying to take over the world!

Okay, I admit it, I am not always as observant as I need to be…who knows how long I might have gone without noticing the HUGE plant taking over the back half of my backyard….?

I used to have a compost pile, before my husband turned it into a brush pile……the pile of twigs and small tree limbs is almost as tall as I….so it’s been a while since I actually put anything out there to actually compost….. I had some cool squash (Turban and acorn…and maybe pumpkin) that I’d used for decoration and then but them out to enrich the soil. They decided to do what was natural and grow.

Holy cow!, I had no idea a squash leaf could be THAT large. I have a plant growing over the brush pile, onto the chain link fence that is probably 5 feet wide and ten feet long, All watered from the rain. I was so impressed by the resilience of nature….the keep on keepin’ on of Mother Nature. 

Hope you all are well!