coin purse and missed chances


a coin purse for my mom.

Have you ever been out and run across someone that you feel a connection with, without even a hello, and then when they leave, you wish you’d had the courage to connect with them. The chance to make a new friend gone. It always makes me wonder what might have happened, a kindred spirit that I may never meet again…..

and then I remember the friends that I need to stay in better contact with……does there ever feel like there is enough time…? maybe  that is why , when there is time, it always feels so precious, when you do get to spend time with a friend.


new old toys

We got a new toy…….hours of fun………and it’s pretty too.

p.s. found it on etsy…..which is fun too……….even if just to window shop!002

Happy Love Day everyone!!

whooo whooo

A cool video from youtube-

Michael Franti



Modeled by the very photogenic Sorai. I had a lot of fun with this hat. I especially love using scraps of fabric that may have otherwise been discarded. The owl’s iris was made using the waist band of a wool skirt, pieces too small for a quilt or hooking a rug.