Hello! I am SO happy! Have you ever had a day that just sang….that made a lousy week just melt away, or reminded you why life is incredibly wonderful, full of possibilities and the reason you want to just belt out in song? My family is here visiting from far away….California and Utah. My son has gotten to put faces to names and he loves them as much as me. Gonna cry……

ok…I’m composed now…

My sister played Hi Ho Cherry-O with my son, giggling and wise-cracking their way through cherry picking. My mom has given my son a new nick name, “hot shot”, which he loves, and we all spent the day at a craft store, then on to a giant rummage sale and then yummy food. Bliss, I tell you bliss.

            he was even cheaper than his tag says……he fit into a “fill this paper bag up as full as you can for $5” bag.


I shared my blog and Jude’s with my sister and she really likes Jude’s blog, how could she not, it’s amazing….she wants to go home now and make her own spiritcloth. We are off to another day of adventure. My son gets to KNOW where I came from…happy, happy I am.

p.s. I promise as soon as I can I will post photos of the Alaska quilt as a whole for Cathie and Andrea. I have about 2 more days to enjoy my family and then I can get another post about the quilt up. Have wonderful, happy days!

p.s.s. Thank you everyone for commenting on the last post. I promise I will properly visit or email you when I have more time. Once again, hope all of you have incredibly groovy weekends!



Valentine’s Day Ride


How to make a valentine shoe box  fun for a preschooler??  Make it into a fast car…..funny Daddy would call that fun too. Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and maybe a little racy too!

Bloglandia Ball


I made a dress for the Ball over at Be…Dream…Play……..just for sillyness.


The party is happening September 26th……come on over….

I couldn’t find my mocassins so I’m goin’ barefoot….I think it may help with my two left feet…….what do you think about the earrings?

I have fish on the brain…..I haven’t forgotten the Alaska quilt…..working like a crazy person to finish my PIF gift for Tracy http://pinkpurl.typepad.com/ ( I hope you like it Tracy!)

………… and then I will go full swing on the quilt….I’m excited!