home sweet home

peaceful pond
peaceful pond

I have been away too long. We have been searching for a new home and the journey to find this place has taken our time and energy, but boy is it worth it…because now I believe this place will give that energy back ten fold. It feels like it will be a very peaceful place to be and call our home.

We are still in the middle of things, wish us luck that everything falls into place, this little peace of land has already got a hold of our heart strings. We will be busy packing, cleaning, sorting for the next month and if all goes well, we will be in our new home the first part of July.

I have been sewing a little on the side to help myself feel calm during these transitions. Here is an example. This little bag was a Mother’s day gift to my mom.

mom's gift


I hope that you are well, and your homes are giving you joy and peace.



a gift and life partners




I received my gift from Jude! I was so excited  to open the box.  I have admired Jude’s work for so long and wished often to see and touch it.  The piece is even more amazing in person. The embroidered chainstitch is the smallest I have ever seen,  just big enough to see with the naked eye. It is just so beautiful , the whole thing. When I found out I would be the lucky recipient , I wrote Jude and excitedly told her of my collecton of couples. With the exception of the painting of the couple on the beach, I collected them all before I’d met my husband. I had them all set up in my bedroom as a kind of magical attraction for what I wanted in my life, a mate…a friend, a partner.  It must have worked,  because now I have one,  and together we have a son and a family.  Jude’s quilt fits very well in this little collection, I am so happy to include it. I am hoping to have a framed wooden box made. My sister’s oldest son is a cabinet maker/wood craftsman. I am excited to see what he can make for this sweet piece of art and such a kind gift.

Included in this wonderful package was a bunch of wonderfully soft and colorful velvet, Jude generously sent them along to help my efforts in creative hat making.  They are really fun and quite the collection of velvet. I can’t wait to use them.

Thank you Jude, I love my gift.



the stuff that dreams are made of

wow! Thank you so much for everyone’s kind, and real endorsement of my dream career. If you all can imagine it from my description, maybe it can become real….like the velveteen rabbit….

The last post was sort of a stream of consciousness description of how I want my days to be.

I debated about writing this post, wasn’t sure if I should just let things stand, didn’t want to dissapoint, however my desire to be truthful won out.

Now, what I’d like to ask is…….if you read the last post, do you have any advice? Any ideas, concrete direction…..do you know someone who has a similar business…..how did they do it? Know of any good books to read about business plans, dreaming, recycled toilet paper rolls?….had to throw that in. …..

Hope all of you are well, and thank you!!!

p.s. I have a wonderfully generous and kind-hearted husband, a spirited, beautiful child and a loving, funny family….and great friends!..I’m RICH!

arty farty dreams

I wake up, no where to rush off to first thing in the morning.

Make breakfast for my child and I….something healthy.

look at the calendar….classes start at noon.

watercolor, quilting, embroidery, polymer clay, rughooking……….

answer emails and phone calls, about my creative art expression classes for both children and adults.

Head to the library……pick up some books about painting and polymer clay.

My son comes with me to work everyday, we hang out, talk, laugh, make art with people, listen to music.

Friends come to teach more art classes, it’s like a party.

It’s sunny, big picture windows let the sunshine stream through the windows, fresh flowers on the counter, children’s artwork hangs on the wall.

art books line the wall, a library to fuel our imaginations, the floor, polka dotted with bright cheery paint. 

Adults laugh, talk about life, their worries melt away while they endeavor to create, bringing forth bits of their souls.

children, giggle to discover how good it feels to use lime green paint on large  crisp sheets of paper, with big handled brushes.

We recycle, and find all kinds of uses for toilet paper rolls.

I love this, it feels like play, I pay my bills, our needs are met.

Fun day!

Wow…what a fun day. I’ve gotten the chance to have a booth at a local shop, and will be working there occasionally, helping out. It was such a blast to be around other people that are creative in similar ways as me. A bunch of people that are visually oriented and love old things..it was cool. I was surrounded by old smells, vintage fabrics, cool vintage furniture and silly, funny people. The customers were happy and it was fun to look at their treasures and even sell a few things I’d brought in…….there is a certain rush when someone sees enough value in what you have collected to buy it. Here are a few pictures for all of you who like old things. enjoy!







Dream home on the hill

I promised cheery….so here it is….

One of my best friends, has recently designed, built and moved into her dream home. She and her husband had previously lived in a beautiful Tudor style home that had been built in the 1920’s. They loved the home, they spent lots of time and effort adding onto it, making sure to have the add ons match the style of the original structure. Beautiful gardens, extra living space, a bedroom and bath, patio and sheltered parking were all added on. The delimma…….. was, that this beautiful home, was in the middle of a busy and crowded neighborhood. What to do?

My friend and her husband started dreaming and planning, because although they are both artistically minded they are also feet firmly planted on the ground. So plan they did……..

They both are inspired by Japanese style. They found an Architect/Builder who liked their ideas and thought he could pull them off…..so they did a little more planning, a little more drawing…lots of saving…..and lots of patience…..and came up with this…….


and here is the inside…


and yes it’s always that neat. I wish by association my house could always look so good….isn’t it beautiful?

Wow, and as if that isn’t enough I have more from my good friend Darcy…a recipe..Yeah!


I have attached a picture of my starter, I found the recipe with my grandmother’s stuff.  Here it is:

1/2 package active dry yeast(1 1/4 tsp.)

2 cups flour

2 Tablespoons sugar

2 1/2 cups warm water

    Combine ingredients in a stone crock or bowl (never use metal). Beat well. Cover with cheese cloth or towel, let stand 2 days in warm place.

Refrigerate loosely covered.

    There are many variations for starters but this one worked well for me. Mine was ready sooner than two days probably because of the hot weather. You will know it is ready when the mixture is nice and bubbly and has a lovely yeast smell. Then it can be reiterated. In the fridge it will loose its froth and a brown liquid or hooch will form on the top, just stir it together before use the starter in a recipe.

The starter will need to be replenished or fed once a week or so. If you have not used any starter in a recipe just remove a cup and share it with a friend or discard. Mix together equal amounts of water and flour(1 c. water, 1c. flour) combine with remaining starter and leave in a warm place for 12 to 24 hours until bubbly, then refrigerate. Here is the recipe for

Sourdough Pancakes:

Make the basic batter the night before. Put one cup of sourdough starter in a large glass mixing bowl(NEVER use metal bowls or utensils with sourdough) Add 2 cups of warm water and 2 1/2 cups of flour. Mix thoroughly and cover with a plate or plastic wrap. Keep bowl in a warm place overnight. The mixture should be quite active with fermentation(bubbly) by morning, remove 1 cup of the batter and put it back into your original starter. This will replenish or feed your starter and keep it active.

Add to the batter left in the bowl:

1 egg

2 TBS oil

1/4 cup four

Beat thoroughly and add:

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

2 TBS sugar

Blend together and allow to rest for a few minutes. Then pour onto a hot griddle, keeping the pancakes small will improve the texture and taste.

This is all new to me so I hope it makes sense. I think I will try sourdough biscuits next weekend.



Aren’t you glad I know Darcy and she is my friend? I am… and glad that she is  generous enough to share with us her dream home and good food. Thank you Darcy!!!