Alaska quilt continued


continueing to quilt and applique…still need salmon, a log cabin and the compass……words too, still thinking about those…


also began the binding….decided to do the binding even though it’s not completely done, well…just because I like bindings…


Christmas at our home


getting ready for Christmas, having the festivities here this year. Also working on gifts….last minute. This one won’t be done for Christmas, but I will have something to show anyway. A denim quilt for a musician I know……does it have rythm?

Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!

wonky wool continued


it is growing…..I am still working on the Alaska quilt, just got a wee bit side tracked.  Have a lovely day and stay warm out there!

scrap of a scrap


 Experimenting with scraps from the other day…from the wonky wool post..this may be my wonky wool series. It looks like a fancy potholder..I tried unsuccessfully to add a zipper to make a little pouch….I DO NOT like zippers! and zippers do not like me!

010.jpg I tried again with this little thing, scraps from the scraps from above project. scraps from scraps from scraps…I think that might be a snippet? there is another term rughookers use, for an even smaller piece of wool??…that is about how much energy I have, a snippet of a snippet. Hope all of you are well, and staying warm. snow, snow, snow.

wonky wool


found a little side project to work on.  Don’t know what this will end up as…It was inpired by this-

020.jpg a wool utility quilt found in the book below. I checked this book out from the library so often and have late fees to prove it…just so that I could look at this quilt. I REALLY like it. I was reading another quilting blog that mentioned a tutorial on ibbybee’s quilt blog and realized I might be able to try my hand at this…I need more practice but it is a start…I don’t know if I have enough patience to make an entire quilt this way…but I REALLY like that one! I finally got the book used on Amazon for like $3.99 plus shipping….oy vey the late fees I have paid on this book…...


baptism by snow


all this hand quilting is starting to pay off. The quilt is starting to behave like a quilt. It folds up so nicely into a bundle. It reminds me of a cowboys blanket roll. It is very satisfying to fold that weird?


still lots to go as you can see. I started to use the striped fabric as the backing and with all the quilting I did on the river sand, it was just too rough on the back side.  So I found a twin size navy blue flannel sheet in our linen closet and that feels perfect. I need to find my silvery silk to include a moon, my dad has done his fair share of howling at the moon…


so far the sky has been my favorite part to quilt, it looks like actual clouds to me. The moon will go just to the left of these clouds.

paper claws


masking tape and the imagination of a child….here are our super hero claws……been home today, quilting the layers of the quilt together and making claws……

a bit of summer


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, 1952
German Jewish diarist (1929 – 1945)