home sweet home

peaceful pond
peaceful pond

I have been away too long. We have been searching for a new home and the journey to find this place has taken our time and energy, but boy is it worth it…because now I believe this place will give that energy back ten fold. It feels like it will be a very peaceful place to be and call our home.

We are still in the middle of things, wish us luck that everything falls into place, this little peace of land has already got a hold of our heart strings. We will be busy packing, cleaning, sorting for the next month and if all goes well, we will be in our new home the first part of July.

I have been sewing a little on the side to help myself feel calm during these transitions. Here is an example. This little bag was a Mother’s day gift to my mom.

mom's gift


I hope that you are well, and your homes are giving you joy and peace.



a recliner in the fast lane?



On the way home last night after going to 2 birthdays parties, my son and I were in the fast lane. Normally I try and stay out of that particular lane…I tend to be the one that everyone wants to hurry up..I drive more like a little old lady, in that lane for some reason. Yes, there was a recliner sitting, like it had every right, in the fast lane..I didn’t get a chance to notice if it was as stylish as the one up in the photo,  I was too busy trying to miss hitting it…and Thank God there was enough room in the adjoining lane to move over…….

But I was thinking…does this have some sort of cosmic, universal message for me……a recliner in the fast lane….am I going too fast or too slow?

I recently changed positions at my job….I am now the official cook…yes, I volunteered to cook giant pots of spaghetti and then clean up afterward…….it’s like my weird aerobic workout kitchen style………anyone have any ideas for healthy lunches for 150+ preschoolers? I am all ears and elbow macaroni.

back from vacation

I promised photos and forgot to bring along my camera, while out and about. I did manage to take a few photos with my phone………of the Bubble man, named Shorty….he was about 6 and a 1/2 feet tall. If I can figure out how to transfer the photos from phone to computer I will.

We went to Branson, Mo. …….to just relax and briefly visited an amusement park there. We went on a water ride” The American Plunge”, sliding down a very steep slope. My hair probably looked like this the majority of the trip though……it was a very laid back trip.

 we took a few of these……naps are awesome! We spent a lot of time pool side….some of us having gained new found bravado around the water.

The joys of a new skill. Learning to swim…..Over all it was a very pleasant vacation, Thank you, to all that left such nice well wishes for a good vacation. They must have worked, because we had a great time.

Fly Away

We are officially on Vacation……..Yeah…….Yeah!

Be back Sunday. Be well everyone!!!!

I’ll bring back pictures. While I’m away here is a youtube video….enjoy!

Amber Nash


Hello! I am SO happy! Have you ever had a day that just sang….that made a lousy week just melt away, or reminded you why life is incredibly wonderful, full of possibilities and the reason you want to just belt out in song? My family is here visiting from far away….California and Utah. My son has gotten to put faces to names and he loves them as much as me. Gonna cry……

ok…I’m composed now…

My sister played Hi Ho Cherry-O with my son, giggling and wise-cracking their way through cherry picking. My mom has given my son a new nick name, “hot shot”, which he loves, and we all spent the day at a craft store, then on to a giant rummage sale and then yummy food. Bliss, I tell you bliss.

            he was even cheaper than his tag says……he fit into a “fill this paper bag up as full as you can for $5” bag.


I shared my blog and Jude’s with my sister and she really likes Jude’s blog, how could she not, it’s amazing….she wants to go home now and make her own spiritcloth. We are off to another day of adventure. My son gets to KNOW where I came from…happy, happy I am.

p.s. I promise as soon as I can I will post photos of the Alaska quilt as a whole for Cathie and Andrea. I have about 2 more days to enjoy my family and then I can get another post about the quilt up. Have wonderful, happy days!

p.s.s. Thank you everyone for commenting on the last post. I promise I will properly visit or email you when I have more time. Once again, hope all of you have incredibly groovy weekends!