intuitive gifts


I am the lucky recepient of some wonderful books from my blogging buddy Acey, she decided to share some of her library with me. I was so happy to recieve such thoughtful, useful gifts. Not only do they have  photos of beautiful quilts, but they also have great instructions on all kinds of quilting methods. I will be sharing with you what I glean from these treasures. If you haven’t been to Acey’s blogs, hop on over. She creates beautiful textile/fiber art and has lots of wonderful insight.

Thank you, Acey!!


log cabin by the river


working on the cabin. Did a little what-ifing, inspired by Jude . I had a little bag of 2″ by 2″ quilt squares bought at the thrift store. Wasn’t sure I would ever use them, so I challenged myself to come up with something pleasing just using the thrifted quilt squares. I knew it had to be the log cabin quilt pattern, and then I roofed the cabin with a piece of green velvet, another Jude inspiration.

At first I thought it looked a little eastern european, and then had a funny serendipitous happening. I called my dad to wish him Happy New Year, and while talking, he asked me what we had been up to. I answered, and mentioned that my husband had been reading  The Hobbit. My dad said excitedly, “I love  that book, an old woman in a bar gave me that once.”  So then I looked at the cabin and thought maybe it might be the cozy home of a hobbit.

my dad has a way of throwing in a quiet surprise now and again. That same conversation he told me how he likes to make fried chicken, marinated in buttermilk and honey. may need to try that.

vintage finds and a good read


Really good book I’ve been reading. The author has an uncanny ability to get inside his interviewee’s mind and understand and empathize with them.


I had a lucky find. I came upon a yardsale the other day with a collection of fabric. A creative lady needed to move into a retirement village and didn’t have room for all her stash of fabric…apparantly there were 1o boxes carted off before I got there.  I’m really happy with my find.  The green floral, I hope to use to back a quilt. The butterfly pillow case will be for my dear friend Darlene. Happy anniversary Darlene!