intuitive gifts


I am the lucky recepient of some wonderful books from my blogging buddy Acey, she decided to share some of her library with me. I was so happy to recieve such thoughtful, useful gifts. Not only do they have  photos of beautiful quilts, but they also have great instructions on all kinds of quilting methods. I will be sharing with you what I glean from these treasures. If you haven’t been to Acey’s blogs, hop on over. She creates beautiful textile/fiber art and has lots of wonderful insight.

Thank you, Acey!!


ideas brewing


more buttons…..i can’t help myself.  I bought a thrifted blender last weekend, for making paper…some day. I have wanted to teach myself and my son how, just needed a blender. I got it home and it didn’t sound or smell good when I plugged it in. So I took it back today and used my $5 to buy a tin, 3 books, buttons, thread( I like the way they recycled the wooden spools) and a crystal salt shaker…..I like the salt shaker so much, but I want to hang it in a window for the prisms it casts…….so I will be thinking of ways to suspend a salt shaker…….

oh and I found another blender for $2……..need to go research paper making.

SO many things I want to do creatively…..

family gifts-the gift of family


made a small elephant bag for a great niece. She is a big sister to the new baby, who will be getting an elephant quilt when it is finished. The little elephant bag still needs her floppy ears, pocket and embroidered eyes.

front-of-bag.jpg the front of the paper pieced bag, still needs some more quilting.


back of the bag, with vintage button. Reminded me of Gee’s Bend quilts. Still needs shoulder strap, still deciding on that.

falling slowly/ John Paul Carmody

recuperating from the flu…discovered this song. Went to youtube and found all these great covers of a beautiful song.  Sometimes I am blown away by how talented we humans are and what beauty we are capable of.

wonky paper piece


The batik is new, it seems I can’t go to a quilt store with out getting at least a little fabric. All the other is thrifted. The flower/star is a little over 10 inches wide. it will be part of a messenger bag for my niece Chelsie. I don’t think she reads this blog…so hopefully it’ll remain a secret…

It needs to be quilted. I was winging it while making the templates….my diamonds are too wide. I’ll keep experimenting with sizes and shapes. Piecing by hand is peaceful, though slow. I rediscovered a thrifted quilt book that I had misplaced under fabric. It has  instructions on English paper piecing, I might just figure out what I’m doing if I read the book instead of just looking at the photos. I am such a visual learner, but words are really useful sometimes.

Hope your weekends were creative and relaxing.

what did you do on Saturday?

Clean and organize a very played in bedroom…toys organized, bed made, amazingly there is now room to play in said bedroom… 

we painted and some of us painted ourselves.


added a butterfly to Alaska quilt.



started a new English paper piecing project, with some new fabric……yeah!oooo-080.jpg

Hope you enjoyed your very own Saturdays.

more hexagons


Made another flower for the tote to be given to my mom. I used wool(felted once), silk and velvet. The velvet came from a pillow identical to a red velvet pillow we had while I was growing up. It reminds me of my mom, just needs to smell like Tabu …… I wonder if the wool will continue to felt with washing?… I’m hoping to quilt it heavily so maybe it will not shrink too much. I suddenly had a memory of my Uncle Jimmy while putting this hexagon flower together. The backside of the flower was reminding me of a crocheted beer can hat my uncle wore in the 70’s. He always wore it when we went to the races to watch him race at a local race track. He had a nice smile, and he always took the kids out for pizza and rootbeer afterwards. Hmmm…went on a little time travel there…amazing what a little quilted flower can bring up…

Hope your Sundays are lovely and you are enjoying some springtime weather, I love hearing the birds happy babble.