a quilt for baby


i had made other quilts for other special babies before…but this one was for my baby. I started this before I knew if we would have a boy or girl, and had several things in mind…I wanted to somehow magically imbue my child with some of the qualities from the quilt.  I wanted him/her to have long life, so I put in fabric from the dress of a woman that had lived to be 97. i wanted him or her to be touched by nature and be enchanted with it, so I added frogs, butterlies , elephants, snakes, monkeys, I wanted my child to be gentle and honest so there was pink for gentleness and blue, for true blue.

How blessed we are to have this child. ..with all his wild, exuberant ways…..some expected and some wild, wacky surprises.


Pay it Forward gift exchange and quilting by hand


I have begun to do the hand quilting. I enjoy it, it is imperfect, but I think it works with the whole piece and good practice for other hand quilting.

I am woefully behind in responding to comments…Thank you all for coming back, and commenting and I will be more on the ball in the future.

I had lots of people have nice comments about my last PIF Gift, and I wonder if I can make some gifts?

I promised to make 6 gifts, 3 for fellow bloggers and 3 for whoever wanted a gift…It must be the season….

I’m wanting to give gifts…………anybody???

Eagle totem


Here is the eagle totem….my son is very concerned that there are no feet….so I may need to make some feet, with sharp claws…(those are important when you are an eagle, according to my son).

Well, it’s about time!


I have missed you guys!! I have a laptop and can use it at my leisure, upload photos and keep up with all my favorite blogs! I can even watch a little tv on this new laptop if the mood strikes me.. Yeah, I am happy to be back…I will be visiting blogs shortly.  Thank you to all of you that kept coming back even though I couldn’t payback the favor. I will be now.

I have had to take the quilt apart a few times to try and make it a little more square….I guess because this quilt has so many organic shaped pieces, it has been hard for me to make it square, it will be a little wonky, but who among us has a perfectly symmetrical body.It will do the trick.

I have been trying to decide if the sun needs a face, what do you think??

I have also been working on the eagle totem pole…maybe I will post about that next….need to sew on her wings first. I’m so glad to be back online..Yipppeeee!!


It’s my Dad’s Birtday today…Happy Birthday Dad!

Alaskan art

beartotem.jpg - Bear face on a totem pole
View full-size (Image shown at 500 x 666)
Image Dimensions: 1920 x 2560
Image Size: 1,665 k
Name: beartotem.jpg
Photographer: Kenneth G. Ransom
Caption: Bear face on a totem pole
Location: Saxman, Alaska
Date Taken: May 30, 2007
Bibliography: Ransom, Kenneth. beartotem.jpg. May 30, 2007. Pics4Learning. 12 Nov 2007<http://pics.tech4learning.com&gt;

I think I’d like to have some native

Alaskan art in the quilt……

what do you think?


“whimsical retirement nurses quilt”

How many people have cowlicks? Cool names for ice superheroes…..

These are all search phrases used to find my blog…too funny. Just wanted to share them with you.

The laptop has been discovered missing! So HP will be sending us an upgraded model….8 more days…..!  yeah!!

Quilted panorama


Here is the latest on the quilt. I have had fun putting it together. I have had gliches in posting photos….may be less frequent photos of the quilt until we get the laptop back. I will still try to post about other things, between photos of the quilt progress. Does anyone have any suggestions for the quilt? I plan on adding salmon, more snowflakes and some mandalas, trees, a compass and eagle feathers.  Thank you everyone for stopping by and I will try to get back on schedule with answering comments and visiting your blogs!!