home sweet home

peaceful pond
peaceful pond

I have been away too long. We have been searching for a new home and the journey to find this place has taken our time and energy, but boy is it worth it…because now I believe this place will give that energy back ten fold. It feels like it will be a very peaceful place to be and call our home.

We are still in the middle of things, wish us luck that everything falls into place, this little peace of land has already got a hold of our heart strings. We will be busy packing, cleaning, sorting for the next month and if all goes well, we will be in our new home the first part of July.

I have been sewing a little on the side to help myself feel calm during these transitions. Here is an example. This little bag was a Mother’s day gift to my mom.

mom's gift


I hope that you are well, and your homes are giving you joy and peace.



a gift and life partners




I received my gift from Jude! I was so excited  to open the box.  I have admired Jude’s work for so long and wished often to see and touch it.  The piece is even more amazing in person. The embroidered chainstitch is the smallest I have ever seen,  just big enough to see with the naked eye. It is just so beautiful , the whole thing. When I found out I would be the lucky recipient , I wrote Jude and excitedly told her of my collecton of couples. With the exception of the painting of the couple on the beach, I collected them all before I’d met my husband. I had them all set up in my bedroom as a kind of magical attraction for what I wanted in my life, a mate…a friend, a partner.  It must have worked,  because now I have one,  and together we have a son and a family.  Jude’s quilt fits very well in this little collection, I am so happy to include it. I am hoping to have a framed wooden box made. My sister’s oldest son is a cabinet maker/wood craftsman. I am excited to see what he can make for this sweet piece of art and such a kind gift.

Included in this wonderful package was a bunch of wonderfully soft and colorful velvet, Jude generously sent them along to help my efforts in creative hat making.  They are really fun and quite the collection of velvet. I can’t wait to use them.

Thank you Jude, I love my gift.



Hats off to Laney!

I sold 2 hats at the craft fair! My hubby came up with the title to this post…….I thought it was quite good. I just wanted to share with everyone, that wished me well at the craft fair. I think it is a great start! I will be making more to put in my etsy shop…….Thank you everyone, for the kind words and good wishes. I need to get busy, I have a comissioned piece to make….I hope they like it.

wonky revisited

Have a little old and a little new stitching to show. The piece above is from last winter, it’s been hanging on my design wall(the livingroom), while I have been trying to figure out what to do with it…..I thought I might join it with some of the crazy warmth squares from the last post, but think it needs to mostly be wool, so that it shrinks evenly, when washed. I think it fits right in with the crazy quilting over at Jude’s flickr group though, so I may go add it in to the mix.

 this piece is for a friend…it’s a surprise..shhh….

the blue is from Jude, and when I went to add the last few hexagons, I couldn’t find the stash of it…..so I had to improvise. I have since found the remaining fabric and had enough to do many more hexagons…..oh well, I think the improvised fabric fit fairly well.

I hope all of you are well, I have been late in responding in kind to others generous visits and comments. I am sorry….please forgive me and I will do better!

crazy warmth


 Wool scraps surrounded by denim…..a shameless copy of Jude’s idea…but a very good idea!  I have made many a denim quilt, wishing for more color in the thrifted denim I find….the wool answers that need..and adds warmth too. Thanks Jude for the idea.

Here is my contribution to the wonderful stuff being created and encouraged through Jude’s blog. She set up a great Flickr site with everyone’s creations showcased. The theme has been Crazy Quilt Revisited. It is worth a visit. Jude has taught many of us by example, what mere thread and fabric are capable of and how to push the bounderies, and realize all the wonderous possibility of expression there is with this medium we call quilting and fabric art. Thank you Jude, for your example and generous spirit.

penny rug purses and giant cucumbers


  haven’t been doing much sewing, but found a photo of a bag I made for my mom a few years ago, preblog.

    while watering the garden, we discovered an enormous cucumber…..I wondered why I only found one other cucumber on the whole plant……the plant was using all it’s energy for this one….I think it may have been planning for world domination………….

Alaska uncensored

I got the photo for the Alaska quilt, thank you for your patience, if you were waiting to see it. There are spots I’d do over agian if I made another. I felt like it is more important that my dad get to use the quilt and know I think of him, rather than make it “perfect”.

I can’t wait to see your Colorado quilt Cathie! Hope all of you are well, and I hope to get a chance to blog hop over the weekend and see what is happening with you. Happy Weekend everyone!


Hello! I am SO happy! Have you ever had a day that just sang….that made a lousy week just melt away, or reminded you why life is incredibly wonderful, full of possibilities and the reason you want to just belt out in song? My family is here visiting from far away….California and Utah. My son has gotten to put faces to names and he loves them as much as me. Gonna cry……

ok…I’m composed now…

My sister played Hi Ho Cherry-O with my son, giggling and wise-cracking their way through cherry picking. My mom has given my son a new nick name, “hot shot”, which he loves, and we all spent the day at a craft store, then on to a giant rummage sale and then yummy food. Bliss, I tell you bliss.

            he was even cheaper than his tag says……he fit into a “fill this paper bag up as full as you can for $5” bag.


I shared my blog and Jude’s with my sister and she really likes Jude’s blog, how could she not, it’s amazing….she wants to go home now and make her own spiritcloth. We are off to another day of adventure. My son gets to KNOW where I came from…happy, happy I am.

p.s. I promise as soon as I can I will post photos of the Alaska quilt as a whole for Cathie and Andrea. I have about 2 more days to enjoy my family and then I can get another post about the quilt up. Have wonderful, happy days!

p.s.s. Thank you everyone for commenting on the last post. I promise I will properly visit or email you when I have more time. Once again, hope all of you have incredibly groovy weekends!


Alaska quilted


The Alaska quilt has been ironed, washed and tumbled dry. It will be on it’s way tomorrow. I thought I’d share some of my favorite parts. Thank you everyone, for your encouragement and kindness along the way. I have had a lot of fun with this piece and realize that in the process of sharing, my creativity was boosted. 


watermelon patch and patchwork

Yeah! My little garden patch is growing. I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, onions and nasturtiums . All this rain we have had for early summer, has helped with the watering. I am most excited about the watermelons!

interesting info found online about watermelon-

Watermelon: Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione which helps boost our immune system. They are also a key source of lycopene – the cancer fighting oxidant. Other nutrients found in watermelon are Vitamin C & Potassium.  Watermelon also has natural substances [natural SPF sources] that keep our skin healthy, protecting our skin from UV rays.

 Doing a little patchwork by hand…not yet sure what this will be……possibly a tote. I saw a really cute patchwork tote yesterday.

Hope all of you are well, enjoying some sunshine, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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