No laptop yet!!

PrinceWilliamSound Alaska BA.jpg

Since I can’t upload photos of the quilt, I thought I’d find some fun photos that were in the public domain to use. The one above is Alaska, and I remember it being just that beautiful.


This picture is of a “Nakshi Kantha”, traditional stitched quilt of Bengal.

Photographer: Toufiq Parag (Copies and derivatives should attribute the photographer)

And I just had to include a great quilt photo…..beautiful stuff.

Hopefully we will get our computer back and I can leisurely read YOUR blogs!! I miss my visits. Updates on the Alaska quilt as soon as I possibly can!

Take care,



Forced blog break

Hello everyone. I am so sorry it is taking so long for me to post. Our lone computer (a laptop), is in for repair. I am borrowing a computer and unfortunately I can’t post photos. There has been progress on the quilt. As soon as we get the laptop back I will post. Thank you to all of you for faithfully checking in. I haven’t been able to check everyone else’s blog either….sigh..

Hopefully by Monday….maybe sooner. Hope everyone’s weekends are wonderful.

Hubby’s b-day is today we are celebrating with movies and dinner.

Take care and I’ll be back soon!

Pay it Forward gift Exchange


This is my PIF gift for Tracy at Pinkpurl  It was fun to make and different from things I have previously made…a little freer a little more intuitive. Thank you Tracy for signing up, I hope you like it! I was able to send it to her while she visited her family in Pennsylvania.

My quilting and embroidery was inspired by Jude at

She has recently begun a PIF exchange, and I had to join….I feel a little greedy though because she has already sent me a wonderful gift of fabrics. I received a parcel that made me swoon with joy. It is so nice to share such an enjoyment of fabric with such a gifted artist as Jude and then to have her send me a gift was so very wonderful, beautiful pieces of fabric from Indonesia and Turkey, etc…….cottons, velvets and silks. I can’t wait to use it in the Alaska quilt. A very lovely gift.

Thank You Jude!

Here are the rules for the PIF exchange-

“I will send a handmade gift to the first 3  people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.”


Believe that with your feelings and your work you are taking part in the greatest; the more strongly you cultivate this belief, the more will reality and the world go forth from it.
Rainer Maria Rilke

p.s. I would like to extend the PIF gift exchange to those who don’t yet have a blog, if you would like to comment. I will send gifts to 6  people total….3 bloggers and 3 who do not yet blog.

purple mountains majesty


okay..I know they are denim blue….but I like the phrase so…and I may add a purple mountain before the river and sky. Wow…I felt a little omnipotent when I wrote that!…..Let there be light….and it was good…..or something like that…. except my fingers got sore…needed a sewing break…but have been pondering design, which is fun too. I had the quilt and all the pieces spread out on the floor with my safety pins holding everything in place and just sewed…I can see the reason Jude likes the table top is much easier than setting up a frame and having to live around the quilt frame while working on the quilt.

How’s about a quote?

William Schulz

Unitarian Universalism affirms:

That Creation is too grand, complex, and mysterious to be captured in a narrow creed. That is why we cherish individual freedom of belief. At the same time our convictions lead us to other affirmations . . .

That the blessings of life are available to everyone, not just the Chosen or the Saved;

That Creation itself is Holy — the earth and all its creatures, the stars in all their glory;

That the Sacred or Divine, the Precious and Profound, are made evident not in the miraculous or supernatural but in the simple and the everyday;

That human beings, joined in collaboration with the gifts of grace, are responsible for the planet and its future;

That every one of us is held in Creation’s hand — a part of the interdependent cosmic web — and hence strangers need not be enemies;

That no one is saved until we All are saved, where All means the whole of Creation;

That the paradox of life is to love it all the more even though we ultimately lose it.

World January/February, 1990

the river to be


Here is the latest. I have been piecing by hand and find it very soothing. I feel like I have a little more control than with the sewing machine, with all these curves.

Jude asked in her comment to the last post, if i was using wool fabric. Normally I would like to use all natural fibers, cotton, silk, or wool. Sometimes though, you have to go with what you have. The bear is wool and polyester and made from a recycled jacket, it doesn’t have a label, but didn’t shrink when washed. The fabric the bears are standing on is cotton and polyester, i think? it also didn’t have a label, made from recycled mens slacks. I thought the speckled beige worked so well for river sand. I think it will wear well and will work well as a whole with the finished piece.

This has been fun, and I’m glad Jude  

encouraged me to get busy making this. I really have enjoyed everyone’s comments and feel as though my creativity has gotten a jump start. Thank you for visiting and for commenting.

Mama Bear, markers and snowflakes


Here is the latest on the quilt. I went ahead and got markers like Jude suggested…..and they are FUN!

I found a pair of mens silk slacks at the thrift store for .99 cents. They have a nice weight and feel and they were great to color on. The green circle is a scrap from the slacks. I included a snowflake, because Mama bears think about snowflakes in the middle of July.

Have you heard of Wilson Bentley? He is one of my creative heroes. He spent his whole life studying and photographing snowflakes! You can find out more here-


John Denver and ramblings

John Denver – Rocky Mountain High

 I was drawn to John Denver tonight as I got ready to blog. I have worked a little more on the quilt but not enough to show yet. I thought I’d tell you about the bears and why they are significant to the quilt for my dad. When I was 8 years old i spent the summer in Eagle, Alaska. My dad took me and a young family friend with him to pull in nets of salmon and go up the Yukon river to stay at a remote cabin, to smoke the fish and camp. It was a new experience for me and parts of it are still very vivid, even though more than 30 years has gone by. We must have only stayed at this cabin for a few days while my dad smoked the salmon, but so many things were new and strange to me that they stay with me. On the way there my dad gave me my very own pocket knife. Richard,(son of my dad’s best friend) who was eleven years old, really liked my new knife and persuaded me to toss it back and forth with him in the boat as we neared the bank of the river. The knife went swoop into the water. I have a feeling that Richard having lived on that river his whole life was able to secret that pocket knife away from my 8 year old self…no matter, what would an 8 year old girl in central California do with a pocket knife in her ordinary daily life? Now an 11 year old boy, in Alaska would have surely needed a pocket knife. I do hope he found that knife!  We stayed at a cabin that belonged to a stranger, my dad said that people routinely left food and supplies, for whoever may wander through and need was sort of like an unspoken rule that you shared what you had in that wild place. My dad called this place the “Bush”. A new term for me. We ate some of the supplies at the cabin, wild berries and the state bird, which I can never pronounce or spell,  it tastes just like chicken though…..There was a fancy outhouse, that didn’t even smell bad. We slept in sleeping bags on top of pine branches, that are suprisingly bouncy, comfortable and smell wonderful.

One day, while I was using the outhouse, and Richard was farting around near the cabin, we hear gun shots, and my dad comes running up to the cabin asking us if we are okay?. He had been off cutting firewood and had heard bears near the river. He rushed back to make sure we were okay and realized two bears had been hollering at each other from across the river and that we were safe enough. it was a strange realization that i may have been in danger in that idealic setting, and a little magical knowing how much my dad loved me, that he would shoot a bear to protect me. He didn’t shoot any bears by the way, only a warning shot to try and scare them away from us. I’m glad there was no need for drastic measures and all creatures were left to live in that beautiful place on the river. So, there had to be bears in this quilt…..just had to be…

p.s. I had an odd dream the other night. Willie Nelson showed me his scars from a bear bite on his arm and told me my dad was lucky to have never been bitten by a bear…….strange, strange dream…Acey do you have any ideas? So many things are associated with Willie……is it symbolism or simply the obvious?

Mama and little turqouise


 Okay, I admire Jude EVEN more! faces in embroidery are hard to do…and this one isn’t even that small…..look at her poor nose…We may need a do over!  Anyway…here is the latest. There is a story that goes along with these bears, that has to do with my dear daddy….I will have to save that for later…there are LOTs of bears in the BUSH….

I’m back!

I have been without the internet for a few days…….I was slowly going crazy! I have become slightly dependent…..I will have more photos of the quilt tomorrow…until then, I miss you all and I am sorry I am so late with my responses to comments and emails I owe..I will be back on track tomorrow.

song bird

Marie Digby – Ugly Betty (Original Song)

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