hexagon fun


I have been bitten by the paper piecing/hexagon bug……here is my first attempt. There are a lot of good tutorials and helpful hints out in cyber space. I’m grateful to all those talented people who share their knowledge. How do you like my vintage wall paper?? My bathroom needs an update…it’s just the bathroom though and it can wait. Each of the six sides are 1 inch wide. These are all vintage fabrics,  little squares found at a thrift store, and I wondered how I could use them.. These hexagons are addictive…not sure if I could do an entire quilt..maybe..

Here is the hexagon appliqued onto red cotton fabric, with colonial knots added on top of the red pen dots. It will eventually be made into a tote for my mom.



flores in progress


working on a flower to applique onto a piece of denim…a niece will be having her second baby girl anyday…..need to get busy…..

I was on line looking for 3 D quilting and found a new type of quilt, I had never seen before. The Pine Cone or Pine Burr quilt. It was a poular pattern with southern African Americans. I found a cool story here, of a man named Oscar Evans who made his quilt, while in his late  70’s.

Those quilts were my inspiration for this flower, I’d like to one day make a larger piece using this technique. The quilts are really stunning. The Pine Burr quilt happens to be Alabama’s state quilt. I didn’t know that states had quilts…learn something new every day!

I finally learned how to create a link…Yeah! Hope you like learning about Oscar Evans.

Valentine’s Day Ride


How to make a valentine shoe box  fun for a preschooler??  Make it into a fast car…..funny Daddy would call that fun too. Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love and maybe a little racy too!

California dreaming

If you have ever seen a hill side covered in these brilliant orange flowers, you remember it. nrcsca01046.jpg

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.
John Muir