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A cool video from youtube-

Michael Franti



Modeled by the very photogenic Sorai. I had a lot of fun with this hat. I especially love using scraps of fabric that may have otherwise been discarded. The owl’s iris was made using the waist band of a wool skirt, pieces too small for a quilt or hooking a rug.


Tanya Davis-Art

Tanya Davis    You tube video, fun, thought-provoking video. For some reason I am challenged lately in posting a youtube video……….I can save the embed code,  just can’t get the video to post…anyway, just a click away…enjoy!

Etsy-local living economies

a video by etsy founder Rob Kalin

I am so impressed with the idea behind etsy and the age at which these young people started this company, and in turn how great a tool of empowerment it is for so many people. The ability for the customer to have handmade goods, to really appreciate the craft involved, to know something about the creator of an object. For the artist, the freedom to create and then to be appreciated as an artist by a wider audience. To get paid to do something that you LOVE. Think of how many happy people that creates!

Oops…..I just realized that my email address was wrong on my link…..oops…sorry

laneykb@yahoo dot com

is the correct address. I’ve had a few extra searches there lately…I hope who ever had wanted to contact me is now able to..;)

get your free serotonin here

Victoria Vox…..I have watched this video many times…..it’s like a happy pill though….have wanted to share it! Enjoy…Happy Sunday everybody!

Tripping Lily Youtube

nice song in a great setting.

singin bout California

Tripping Lily

tried to write a different post, and it disappearred while writing it……..so here is the post that behaved.

life’s downs and ups

Helene Austin and David Damienr collaborate on a song…..bright and shining.
just what I needed at the end of a loooong week.

Fly Away

We are officially on Vacation……..Yeah…….Yeah!

Be back Sunday. Be well everyone!!!!

I’ll bring back pictures. While I’m away here is a youtube video….enjoy!

Amber Nash

traveling together

“We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent on it’s vulnerable reserves of air and soil, all committed, for our safety, to it’s security and peace. Preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work and the love we give our fragile craft.”

 Adlai E. Stevenson quotes (American Politician. Governor of Illinois (1949-53) and Ambassador to the United Nations (1961-65). 19001965)

 Julia Nunes
just love this artist, so do many others. She brings a little sunshine into the world.
Kudos Julia.

Native Americans

created by Zeforah on Youtube

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