a recliner in the fast lane?



On the way home last night after going to 2 birthdays parties, my son and I were in the fast lane. Normally I try and stay out of that particular lane…I tend to be the one that everyone wants to hurry up..I drive more like a little old lady, in that lane for some reason. Yes, there was a recliner sitting, like it had every right, in the fast lane..I didn’t get a chance to notice if it was as stylish as the one up in the photo,  I was too busy trying to miss hitting it…and Thank God there was enough room in the adjoining lane to move over…….

But I was thinking…does this have some sort of cosmic, universal message for me……a recliner in the fast lane….am I going too fast or too slow?

I recently changed positions at my job….I am now the official cook…yes, I volunteered to cook giant pots of spaghetti and then clean up afterward…….it’s like my weird aerobic workout kitchen style………anyone have any ideas for healthy lunches for 150+ preschoolers? I am all ears and elbow macaroni.


Well, it’s about time!


I have missed you guys!! I have a laptop and can use it at my leisure, upload photos and keep up with all my favorite blogs! I can even watch a little tv on this new laptop if the mood strikes me.. Yeah, I am happy to be back…I will be visiting blogs shortly.  Thank you to all of you that kept coming back even though I couldn’t payback the favor. I will be now.

I have had to take the quilt apart a few times to try and make it a little more square….I guess because this quilt has so many organic shaped pieces, it has been hard for me to make it square, it will be a little wonky, but who among us has a perfectly symmetrical body.It will do the trick.

I have been trying to decide if the sun needs a face, what do you think??

I have also been working on the eagle totem pole…maybe I will post about that next….need to sew on her wings first. I’m so glad to be back online..Yipppeeee!!


It’s my Dad’s Birtday today…Happy Birthday Dad!

Forced blog break

Hello everyone. I am so sorry it is taking so long for me to post. Our lone computer (a laptop), is in for repair. I am borrowing a computer and unfortunately I can’t post photos. There has been progress on the quilt. As soon as we get the laptop back I will post. Thank you to all of you for faithfully checking in. I haven’t been able to check everyone else’s blog either….sigh..

Hopefully by Monday….maybe sooner. Hope everyone’s weekends are wonderful.

Hubby’s b-day is today we are celebrating with movies and dinner.

Take care and I’ll be back soon!

funny boys and birthdays


I found this one a while ago. I hope it gives you a chuckle. We have been busy around here. Work has been crazy busy for me, we had two days of in-service training, cleaning and meeting with parents. I am a preschool teacher. It is the start of a new school year. It is nice to have the training. It made for long days though.

AND!!! we celebrated someone’s birthday!! My munchkin has turned 4. There is something magical about 4. It feels like he is no longer a small child or baby. I am a little sad. Part of me wants him to remain young forever, and part of me can’t wait to see how he turns out.

We had Chili’s, because the munchkin heard on TV, that they have good food!!( That one almost made me pee my pants.) And then I immediately thought to make a mental note that we need to only watch PBS.

Which reminds me, he got a gift card in the mail from Darcy( remember her, the Japanese house). He was SO excited. He slept with the card, and then proceeded to take it everywhere! We went last night after dinner and got his gifts. A few things caught his eye on the way in…a rapping turtle singing a birthday song, “Cars” sheets for his bed…..no, no…..something different.

It didn’t take him long though, to find the perfect things.  We found some clearanced toys. He got Spiderman figures and A set of Thomas the tank engine trains with a birthday theme. He was happy!! Thank you, Darcy!!

p.s. The comments section seems to be turned off….not sure why. I can’t fix it, maybe has something to do with the youtube I picked….I will make another small post that you can comment on.