Etsy-local living economies

a video by etsy founder Rob Kalin

I am so impressed with the idea behind etsy and the age at which these young people started this company, and in turn how great a tool of empowerment it is for so many people. The ability for the customer to have handmade goods, to really appreciate the craft involved, to know something about the creator of an object. For the artist, the freedom to create and then to be appreciated as an artist by a wider audience. To get paid to do something that you LOVE. Think of how many happy people that creates!

Oops…..I just realized that my email address was wrong on my link…..oops…sorry

laneykb@yahoo dot com

is the correct address. I’ve had a few extra searches there lately…I hope who ever had wanted to contact me is now able to..;)


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  1. whereishenow said,

    November 22, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    i totally agree with you. Over on Jude’s blog I mentioned that it doesn’t work for me to make stuff for selling, but for those that create and sell, Etsy is fabulous!! I get lost there looking at the amazing stuff that is out there. It’s like a global arts and craft bazaar!!!! Good post, Laney!!!

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